Herbal Class at Flora Roja If you’re looking for a way to learn how to successfully use botanical therapies for well-being you’ve come to the right place. Are you looking for courses that match your learning style? Your schedule? Your budget?

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Perhaps you’re new to taking online courses, not sure if you have the time or computer skills to meet course requirements. Or you may have enrolled in an online course but didn’t complete it because daily life got in the way and the course ended without you. Out of consideration for these common obstacles we’ve designed a couple of solutions.

  • Open ended courses without a beginning or end date, available by subscription. (Explorer Level)
  • Support for technical issues that can come up using a computer
  • Mini-Courses, these enable you to complete a course before you run out of steam! Use them for step-by-step progress according to your specific interests.

Or, you may be a perpetual student of herbalism, spending time reading books, visiting herb websites, picking up knowledge where ever you can find it. You would welcome sharing knowledge within a learning community where a structure supports you in filling in the gaps. After taking a course, you would like to remain in contact with folks you’ve gotten to know, especially to find out how your peers are applying what they’ve learned.

  • Besides providing courses, the Explorer Level functions as a perpetual Home Base where students stay in touch with each other whether they’re enrolled in courses or are “hanging out” between courses. It’s a social circle enriched with access to many resources.
  • When you enroll in an Achievement Level course, you are automatically enrolled in the Explorer Level  for community support.

Maybe you’re ambitious? You’ve realized that working with herbs is your life’s calling and now you want to learn where you can receive credentials for your accomplishments. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could receive credit for each successful step along a path you create for yourself? Not only for the knowledge you are gaining, but for the soft skills you are developing. For example, you may be a compassionate listener, or a problem solver, or a community builder. These are valuable skills for an herbal coach to have! So we recognize them and award Mozilla Open Badges for them to let the world know your value. And if your finances have prevented you from enrolling in an herb school…we can help.

  • In the Explorer Level you receive credit for demonstrating the soft skills, adding social currency to your credentials
  • Achievement Level courses and Mini-Courses provide the necessary credits towards your professional goals
  • If money is a problem (you’ll find our enrollment fees are very affordable), you can join our Exchange to pay for courses in full or in part with our own currency, the Sepal

What about “hands-on” training? Aside from the real-life practice built into the online courses, we do offer classes in Arkansas and if you live outside of the state, we can help you connect with hands-on training in your area.

Curious to know more? After reading through the other pages on our site, if you still have questions we’d love to hear from you, just use the contact form…we’ll spend time together to see if we’re a good fit.