Free Mini-Course! Learning How to Learn Herbalism 2

Have you ever had the experience of “knowing” an herb well, until out of the blue, someone asks you about it? Then, poof, all that knowledge flees! Part of the problem is that each and every herb is a library unto itself, and then there’s the additional world of conditions (which vary person by person) to which this herb may, or may not be useful. And what about the interactions and contraindications? Too much for our brains to digest and recall on the spur of the moment. Especially if we’ve been studying without good study methods that give our brains the advantage of understanding an herb in context and moving information into long-term memory.

I always suggest (strongly) that when our students take a course, they begin by learning proven tips and tricks to get the most out of their studies. So, I’ve put together a short mini-course, mostly videos, to give everyone the advantage of studying less to learn more.

Its free so if you are a student of the vast universe of herbalism, sign up. The registration link is located on the drop-down menu at the top of the page under Explorer Courses.

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2 thoughts on “Free Mini-Course! Learning How to Learn Herbalism

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      Elle Dcoda Post author

      Hi Robin,
      This course is for everyone who would like to improve their abilities to learn more, so all you have to do is register for it. I’ve kept it very lean so it won’t take much time, but some of the most useful guidance I’ve found is there to use. Enjoy.