Schisandra Mind Palace

Our free mini-course, Learning How to Learn Herbalism, has a section on memory techniques. One that has proven itself for at least 2,000 years is called Loci, or the Memory Palace. In order to remember all of the capabilities of an herb, a good memory technique comes in handy.

In our recent class on the adrenals and Schisandra I led a memory palace journey through Schisandra. Sit back, relax, use your imagination to visualize the scenery as you take the journey. It begins with approaching the arched gate the has large gold lettering, “Adapt or Die”…this is the symbol for the herbal category, adaptogens.

Another tip, repeat the journey at spaced intervals (more info on that in our learning course). So you listen once now, then again within the next few days, wait a week and listen again…repeat in another 2 weeks, then a month. This is the route to establishing long-term memory on any topic.

I hope you enjoy the journey…by the way, students held a schisandra berry in their mouths at the beginning of the journey as payment (required by the gatekeeper). Try doing that too. Also, at the end of the class we sampled schisandra decoction and the students all agreed that (without sweetening) it tastes like pickle juice!!!

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